Answering the Question without Answering the Question When They Did Not Want the Answer Anyway

Every group opposed to God joins itself together against Jesus. In the first century there were such notables as: the Pharisees (Matthew 9:34), Sadducees (Mark 12:18), scribes (Luke 9:22), chief priests (John 11:57), elders of the people (Matthew 26:3), Herodians (Mark 3:6), lawyers (Luke 7:30), and rulers (John 12:42). These groups were powerful and resourceful....

This Is Reality

On this journey we shall travel from Mount Stupid to Mount Olympus and then amble through the universe and beyond. Then we will venture to a place seldom explored because it doesn’t exist. We must stroll along with great philosophical snorting and ample snacking as we go. We shall also learn a little about railroad...Continue reading

Thin Ice

Many years ago, on a very cold day it snowed, and I did not have to go to school. That sentence alone makes this a happy story. Snow days were the highlight of the winter. It was as though someone granted us a spontaneous holiday. It was a reprieve from the classroom. To us it...Continue reading

The String

It is called the Sea of Trees. It is a tall and gnarled wood with dense undergrowth where one could easily get lost. The thick canopy keeps everything underneath in almost perpetual twilight. The forest floor is uneven with rocks and twisted roots. The silence inside can be unnerving. While there is little in the...Continue reading

An Old Film

Recently I saw old film footage of Paris taken at the end of the nineteenth century. This would be some of the earliest motion pictures ever taken. It was still in the experimental stage. Someone placed a motion picture camera (new technology for the day) at various parts of Paris and recorded all the action...Continue reading

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