In general terms a proverb is a brief saying that gives advice or expresses some belief. The book of Proverbs has discussions of wisdom and folly leading into a collection of the wise sayings of Solomon. The book is inspired and is far more than statements of personal opinion. These sayings are points of truth...Continue reading


A shrine is being built in Iceland for the worship of Thor, Odin and all the other names of Norse paganism. It is under a religious organization called Ásatrúarfélagið– which is Icelandic for “the community that believes in the gods.” English-speakers commonly referred to them as the Ásatrú community. It is easier. A temple to...Continue reading

Forgery and Faith 1

In 1996 the renowned auction house Sotheby’s sold a poem by Emily Dickinson. Forty years had passed since the last Dickinson poem had surfaced. This is the unique event that collectors and museums look for. Like all of her poetry it was handwritten in pencil on a slip of paper. It was also signed –...Continue reading

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