An Old Film

Recently I saw old film footage of Paris taken at the end of the nineteenth century. This would be some of the earliest motion pictures ever taken. It was still in the experimental stage. Someone placed a motion picture camera (new technology for the day) at various parts of Paris and recorded all the action...Continue reading

There Must Be Words

God uses words. There must be words. If there are complex ideas to be conveyed between people, then words are needed. The writer, the reader, the speaker and the listener must know the words and how they are used to understand the message. In the English language are thousands of words. These are required for...Continue reading


In general terms a proverb is a brief saying that gives advice or expresses some belief. The book of Proverbs has discussions of wisdom and folly leading into a collection of the wise sayings of Solomon. The book is inspired and is far more than statements of personal opinion. These sayings are points of truth...Continue reading

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