Personalities and Patience

 During Jesus’ ministry on earth He had to deal with various persons and their personalities. Looking at just the apostles there are twelve independent varieties of temperaments and idiosyncrasies. Though I do not think it possible their personalities can be documented entirely (some apostles are only known by name with no action outside of a group) I do know that each man...Continue reading

Battle of the False Prophets

John Alexander Dowie (born 1847) founded the Christian Catholic Church in 1896. It has no connection to the Roman Catholic Church. Originally from Scotland, Dowie preached in Australia and then shifted to the United States after he was suspected of arson in an insurance fraud case. Around 1900 with about five thousand followers, he designed...

Blueberry Wisdom

While picking blueberries this week many similarities between the Christian life and performing this summer task came to mind.   Early at it – It is best getting up early while the day is cool and quiet. Later in the day comes other “to do” items or the heat can keep you from picking. Early...Continue reading

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