Blueberry Wisdom

While picking blueberries this week many similarities between the Christian life and performing this summer task came to mind.


  1. Early at it – It is best getting up early while the day is cool and quiet. Later in the day comes other “to do” items or the heat can keep you from picking. Early is best. For a Christian early may also be a good time to pray, read the Bible or study lessons.


  1. Have the right equipment for the job – A large bowl, insect repellent and comfortable shoes ease the job and ensure a good day’s pick. Likewise, a Christian’s equipment can be a Bible, lesson book and concordance for studying.


  1. Judge what is good fruit/wait for some to ripen – A ripe berry has dark blue color and pulls of the bush. You leave the other berries to develop and be the best condition. A Christian looks for opportunities to share the Gospel, involve others and grow spiritually.


  1. Ignore what is unimportant – Flying insects, mosquitoes, hungry birds, barking dogs, spider webs and humidity may be distracting, but you carry on. Focus on how much fruit will be on the next bush or the delicious muffins you can make. In the Christian walk the world constantly distracts us with useless information and sinful desires but we must focus on our goal of Heaven.


  1. It takes effort to reach up and bend to the ground – Not all the berries are within eye level reach. A bush can have plenty of fruit above or below. Picking requires hunting through the leaves and getting the berries where they are. They will not come to you. It is a reminder to look up to a beautiful sky and a willingness to crouch and find more of the bounty. The life of a Christian is a lifelong endurance with effort needed.


  1. Consider how things have grown – Remember when the bush was first planted and the harvest you receive now. As Christians we should be able to see our spiritual growth as we age and continue to strive for more. For growth there must be patience.


  1. Be thankful for the crop – You planted and watered but God gives the increase. The blueberries are a gift from Him, and we benefit from the harvest. 1 Corinthians 3:6-8 teaches us we are to help in the Kingdom, but God brings the outcome.


  1. Share your blessings – Once the work is done and you see the abundance of blueberries harvested you can offer some to others. Remember the rich fool in Luke 12:16-21 who selfishly looked at his wealth not considering others – especially his Creator.
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